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When the Romans first got to Verona, which later was going to be a Municipium of the Empire and part of the X Regio Venetia et Histria, being very passionate themselves about wine, they were pleasantly surprised by the remarkable quantity of vineyards already planted in the area, and the outstanding quality of the wines thereby produced. They therefore decided to call the hilly surroundings of the city with the name of Vallis Pollis Cellae, literally "The Valley of the Many Wineries". Back then, the most widely grown grape variety was Corvina, and it still is nowadays, together with its...

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If you had been taking a walk in the Venetian lagoon in AD 400, besides needing heavy-duty gumboots, you would have come across a somewhat melancholy landscape. Ducks, swamp reeds, rats the size of small dogs, the occasional fisherman's boat sailing through the mist and a few distraught human beings, desperately trying to escape the barbaric invasions which were tormenting the mainland. A couple centuries later, the first Doge (venetian for 'Duke') was elected. Il Doge was the head of a state, the Most Serene Republic, that would have lasted for eleven centuries. Venice grew from a small city-state, became...

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