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Medium-bodied  craft  beer,  made  in  Veneto  using  the  best  German  malts  and  selected Bavarian hops. Golden colour with a creamy and persistent foam. Very refreshing malty taste with a hint of honey, gradually developing into a balsamic and  herbal  palate.  A  savoury  yet  beautifully  easy-drinking  beer,  excellent  as  an  aperitif but also an outstanding match for with meat, fish, pizza and bruschetta. Cangrande della Scala, lord of Verona in the early 1300’s, is the City Captain who transformed the Scaliger Signoria into one of the mightiest political and military powers  in  medieval  Italy.  As  he  was  also  Dante  Alighieri’s  host  and  patron,  the  sommo poet became such good friends with him, that he dedicated the Paradise of  the  Divine  Comedy  to  Cangrande.  Noble  and  victorius  in  many  battles,  he  inspired the name of this beer which shares a generous and proud character with the lord of Verona. Pale gold and crowned by a creamy foam, this medium-bodied Helles has a bouquet of light honey and white flowers, and a delicate malty palate with a slightly floral finish. The Hallertau hops give this low fermentation beer a refined  and  charming  personality. Very versatile, it pairs wonderfully with sushi and gourmet pizza.




Veneto, Italy



Food Matching

Sushi, gourmet pizza