Verduzzo Friulano Igt - Bressan

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Verduzzo Friulano grape grown on a calcareous mineral base, in particular conditions that force the vines to a slow vegetative growth, resulting in an extremely low production. The mass is fermented with the grape skins for about 2 weeks at a controlled temperature 19 – 21°C and pressed. It is then actively fermented with its own yeast for a minimum 3 years, then stored for additional aging. Brilliant, Yellow, almost copper-coloured. Ample, rich perfume, with a bouquet which recalls apples, pears, peaches – walnut, apricot, acacia, dry fruit.

Lightly tannic with a dry flavour, pleasant body, balanced and pleasurable aftertaste of almonds, with the aroma of wildflowers and wax. Autochthonous Friulian wine worthy of the connoisseur.




Friuli - Venezia Giulia, Italy



Aging Potential

10+ years



Food Matching

Fish, egg-based dishes, herb risotto, roasted white meat